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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tweek and welcome to another


-making video, so this video won't be for people who don't know that they don't like, hey, you know, running after scab bosses over and over again. Definitely, for people who like to get in on the action, it can get you a lot of


and a lot of gear very quickly depending on how Killa's spawns are going, but if you're one of those people who prefers to get in on the action, you know. take your time and go through the rage, you know, loot some rooms on the coast or you know, go through, you know, loot Kiba or whatever, or like Markham runs through customs, this race may not be for you, it's definitely for people who feel a little bit more confident about their ability to shoot and


, but the reason why I'm making this video is because recently on the stream, the


people asked me how do I kill the assassin, how do I kill the assassin super easy way, you know what, how I do it.

You know, I can't, I bring the best equipment, anyone touches me, so this is for those people, you always get a top assassin, you find it difficult to kill him. I'm going to show you the


, the cheapest of the most. effective way to kill this guy, it's super simple, so simple that people don't believe me when I tell them, they literally don't believe me when I tell them that all you need is a kedder which is available from level one criminal or whatever. what you want to get about thirty round Keter magazines that you can find available at the flea market if you don't have ratio level three and you just want to buy some PS, oh gosh, with eight rounds, it's okay, you can bring some medicine if you want.

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Or you can keep them in your secure container and we will go hunt down the killer. Now I know many of you are sitting or going, you can't kill an assassin without armor and with a cat or what's wrong with you, this guy is lost. its mammals, trust me, you can do it, it's very simple. I did the exact same thing except I did it with an MP 9 with trigger rounds and CC place eyes. I used CC spot eyes for about 60 kills, shot rounds for another couple of kills and then I used another Medicare for a few other kills, but I'll show you it's very simple, very straight forward, what I'm going to do now won't load the swap and I'll show you what happens.

Once we find and get to the assassin, so just to show you that there is no shenanigans here, I enabled PvE enabled bosses, so I hope this means that the assassin appears in every raid I participate in, so yeah, let's go okay, so we're loading into the exchange now. So


ing Killa is why I've decided that this is a really great method of making money that people have honestly been sleeping a little bit about. There are a couple of such killer reasons for those of you watching this who don't know or maybe are new. In the game, there have been many new players who have hit the target recently.

Killa is the scab boss of Interchange. Now the only thing about Killa is that he has class 5 armor which I consider the best armor in the game I run. I love it all the time at a reasonable price it repairs very well it's fast v will stop a lot of really nasty terrain it has 60 HP total it's pretty good I use it all the time so the armor it wears is awesome ok its helmet not so much it's fun to run from time to time, but if you don't like it, if you like being able to see your surroundings, you probably won't like it at all, that's not what the helmet is really worth.

The money to sell this equipment is more than 100 thousand, any 110, one hundred and 20 thousand. I think now we get to where the real money comes in. Well, this is more of a practical method of making money and by practical I mean while doing this. Not only are you


ing weapons, you're also farming his armor. You can use this helmet if you want, but you can sell it and buy another hundred of your choice. You can buy them without closing with a visor. Whatever you want is equivalent to that. most of the other items in the game are priced hmm but what we look for most from Killah is RP k with a 95 bullet with some extra 60 bullets that are all filled with eagle neck now eagle neck that ammo is actually very good, but it is also worth more than 800 rubles at the moment, depending on the time of day, you can get it more expensive, you can get it cheaper, but the ammo, the 60-round ones and the 95-round ones, you sell them everything at the flea market.

It's worth a lot of money, wait, here's Killa, now all you want to do, you shot him in the leg like that and he's dead? How do you transfer your magazines? So what you can do is, once you search for it, drop these two slots. Because they're just smoke grenades, you'll put that in there, drop the equipment he came with, reach into his pockets, look for a red key card, grab his grenades and all that other kind of stuff and grab his Nate, grab the key card. access, uh. some random keys he has on him from time to time and now that you're fully equipped, not only are you fully here, you have a pretty spicy RPK full of Nick ammo, now this is a little cheesy.

I'm not going to lie, being able to stun the killer this way usually doesn't happen very often and the reason a lot of people struggle with this is because when you shoot the killer in the chest you can bring him nine nine five, you can bring him. six one, you can put it on a SI 58, you can put it on a full m4, you can put any weapon you want, but the main problem is that if you don't stun Killa, his AI is incredibly aggressive and he will just kill you instantly if You give him half a second of opportunity.

Even there he was being very careful and almost sprayed me through that metal thing. If the bullets could have gone through him, he would have died. Excuse me. I'm recording this pretty late, at 7:30 in the morning, but what happens is when you shoot him in the leg with a high rate of fire weapon that has relatively high damage to fish flesh, like these. PS: Oh, geez, in HS. I'm using here, which are also incredibly cheap, he essentially can't do anything to counterattack you now. I have made all 100 kala coats, not only did I


a bunch of observation rubles, I made a stupid amount of money doing that, but I also filled boxes to collect items with killer armor.

I also filled a normal item box with killer armors and probably also got another policy of 8-20 more armors between the ones I lost and the ones I just had floating around. my stash, if you do this method you will be rolling with high level end game armor, masca helmets, assassin helmets, whatever you want to call them, tons of Agana crowns, tons of these command platforms and RP cases with literally a investment of 3040 Cavin per run, you survive such a raid and come out of here with something like oh god, it's hard to put a number on it, that's a lot of money, you're looking at a hundred and eighty rounds of eagle neck plus 95 or so if shoots you or not. a lab keycard most of the time grenades and he can also have the red keycard so you can earn more than 500k 500k armor sells for 200k - how about 100k 300k magazines I'm old everything else , Yeah? yeah, around 500k, if you get a lab keycard, you're lucky, you can


a lot of money farming the assassin, now you can be unlucky, he might have those terrible AKMs or whatever, it's not that good, it's terribly modified , it's not worth much. money I usually leave the gun to him most of the time just grab everything else and dance or he could have a pee 19 that is completely modified once you take it apart he sells other parrots it's worth a good amount of money but also the ammo in Si you have to be careful with ammo, if you have a Luger CCI you can sell it for a little extra money on the open market.

I'm not entirely sure if you can have shooting bullets in there I guess. he can but he could be wrong about that but if they rip you even better they are worth even more money mmm but literally anyone can use this method. Sorry, I can't clear my throat right now hmm Jesus, I am. dying here, but seriously, anyone can do this, but this method is super easy, it's super fast, it's great for getting 100 assassin kills, if that's the task you're on right now you could literally do this from level 1 and it is not difficult. It is very easy to kill him, the only thing I will say correctly is that if you see the killer and you were directly in front of him and he is directly in front of you and he can see you but you are not a considerable distance away from him or Sorry if your fear is at enough distance from him where you don't think you can land almost every shot on one of his legs, what you want to do is run around a corner as soon as he turns it, as if he were sliding what you.

What you want to do is just lay on his lap, he won't respond to you, but as you do that, you're breaking line of sight, you're making him come towards you and that makes the whole process a lot easier. Depending on how often the killer appears, you can have Bank do this now. Can you spend an hour raiding and not run into him, of course you can? He passed me. I liked it at one point. I think I did 15 trade raids and no. I don't have a single assassin under my belt, but can you also run into him many times in an hour, of course you can?

It's totally random, the chances of spawning when the event was active or whether it's still active or not, I'm not even sure if that was the case. About, I want to say it was more than 50%, but before that I think it was 35 and then Nikita raised it, so yes, you can be unlucky, you can also try this in an offline raid if you don't believe it. Yo, if you think any of this is set up or whatever, just grab a Keter straight away and even better if you can get a Clint, he has a higher rate of fire, he'll be easier to take down and honestly you don't even do it.

I need this third magazine, just bring it: you have three magazines in total, you can do anything. I meet another player, you can try to kill him with that too, but just to show them that this method is very simple, very direct and that first death was not a fluke. I'm going to go in and kill them one more time and show them the same scenario, so I'll see you once he can kill her again. There's also one more thing I want to show you in this race your assassin appearances and your patrol your patrols where you can be.

I'm going to explain some of that because I forgot to tell you in that last room that I went over more like the economics of farming is like the method of farming it, so now I'm going to explain where it can spawn and its potential, like the patrol patterns, their behaviors, all those kinds of things that we will delve into a little more. this is a little deeper, explain it a little more of things you already know, a little more depth for those of you who are not very familiar with killing the squirrel boss, in my opinion, with this method, the killer is probably the easier scab. boss to kill Honestly, I'd rank the assassins as probably the


gabbar to kill right now.

I've killed Killa literally hundreds of times this way. I've killed him so many times and it was just like this random guy in my chat while he was doing the 100 killer kills, he was like what are you trying to shoot him in the head, why are you trying to shoot him in the chest? and I was like Jimmy, what are you doing, what are you doing, what are you talking about? Where else would he be? I shot him and then this guy told me to bring an empty nine, put Lugar's on him and shoot him in the legs and I thought that's stupid, that's not going to work, I'm just going to die over and over again on the next raid.

I went in and found it. I shot him in the legs. I need to die almost instantly. Yes, it's amazing. It was a godsend, honestly, because he made the whole process of cultivating it 100 times much easier, much easier. Ymo Sturman is probably the toughest guy. boss in the law of the game, his Glock, his glucose, whatever you want to call him, he is not far behind in those rankings where Shala is definitely after them, but yes, with this method, the assassin is probably the easiest car boss to farm because It's pretty predictable where it can. You can hear movement on my spawn type right here, so in very rare cases, Kayla can appear here just to the right of the entrance, that's it, so she's running towards me right now, we'll just keep the angle, Be patient, you need it. to be patient with this, okay, you have to be very patient with this, you don't want to go out and push it or hold it at an angle, you just want to relax and wait, okay, the more patient you are with the sky boss. the longer you'll survive, I forgot about the other scabs in this raid, so there's another key card to the lab, another bunch of grenades again, all we'll do is drop the last two slots, you'll grab the grenades, grab the morphine , whatever. and there you have it, you have another RPK with another 95 bullet and a bunch of 60 bullets, all filled with eagle necks, so now I'm going to explain to you what the problem is with him spawning so he can spawn here.

I've seen it a couple of times, yes they playedmuch to the exchange, they could appear through this entrance, here he shoots. I see a lot of dead players on the stairs, that's because these players are sitting here trying to fight him through the glass. do this right, if he appears there, what you want to do is attack him, run down here and you want to sit in this corner until he comes down the stairs, shoot him in the legs there, shoot him in the legs there or hold this. angle or what can you do this is much easier if you came this way you sit in this corner if you can get there in time he will come down those stairs he will line up with you right here and you just want to shoot his legs okay now let's get to his next pair of spawns he can spawn here, which is Viking on rare occasions.

I've seen it spawn here. It's very, very rare to expect that it will be here. Very, very strange. I've also seen him spawn here again. Very rare. Other. the spawn is right across here on national, he appears here, I'll jump to this frame to show you that he appears in that back right corner, which is also pretty weird, but I've also seen him be here in that dark corner, like this May they always look. for that, when you come to the next spawn here in brutal, I've seen him spawn right behind these little kiosks. I've seen it spawn there.

I have seen him spawn here among these boxes that he can write. from being anywhere in this room, the next thing that happens is mantis can spawn right here, you can spawn here, you can spawn here and he can also spawn here next to these blue curtains and apparently he can spawn here too. I've never seen it happen, but people have told me that he can appear here too, so he always checks the place out when you pass by. You could also do it if you attack him and Mantis or notice he's here, which I always like to do. is: I'll come here, sit here, he'll turn the corner, calmly rinse his legs, clap for the next place he can spawn, let's just get down here, pass brutal, pass to Kiba, he can spawn right here. this hallway like in this place I have seen it here and another cheeky little place that is also quite strange to see it is right here this place here is disgusting because if you come from the wrong angle and you run across here and you don't see it coming from the side of the general store, he was just annihilating you as you walk by, always check this place, another very common place where he spawns is here, sitting here, on this box, if he spawns here and you.

You're moving, what you want to do is if you come from this direction, pekin fire a shot or two or whatever, he comes back here, sit here so you don't expose any of your body to him, you want to sit far away. enough back to where you're not exposing your body at all, he should go through that door, come straight to the left, slide over to you right here and you can take his legs off, but what you want to do is just a little tip here if he decide. Walking this path is just sitting with your sights like this, listen to where it moves if you think it's coming from the right point, aim here, if you hear it moving down the hall you don't have much time to react to wash its hands. legs. down here, if you want to be like Eve, safer, what you can do is run straight here, sit behind this box, lean out and then shoot him when he turns this corner, okay, so those are the two methods you want to use to deal . with him in those places, an incredibly rare monster, it may be right there or it may be an avocado.

I've only seen him spawn an avocado once and in this place here too once, when you walk into a generic store, you want to come here to the back of the tank, he can spawn right here, he can be sitting here, okay, There is one more spawn to watch out for, which again is very rare. I've only seen it once in my 100 times killing it even more than 100 to 300 times, probably right now. The moment you pass by those shops, you can be here just relaxing, you can also be in here a little bit. I'm told there are a lot of spawns you need to be careful of with Killa, but if you follow this route and systematically check every point he can spawn at, it will definitely increase your chances of being able to kill him, so if you're coming from this side, check all the spawn points you go through that way, just do the whole route. but conversely, if you are coming from the idea side, I recommend that you go to the front of the mall and cross to check the spawn all the way to the left and check each store sequentially as you go, so that's the way easier. to increase the acquisition of killer juice, okay, now one more thing I want to say, if you are completely broke in this game and want to do this method, you can do it like this, it is very easy to get just 50k, try this because that is about all what it costs, you can get an average of 50k at the factory in two minutes, not even two minutes, one minute, take some weapons from a dead scab, leave it there, so it's incredibly cheap, not even high risk, a super high reward.

We're just talking about huge profits from this now, which I'll say because I don't want to encourage people to just come with catering and nothing more if you have millions in your stash if you want to increase your chances of surviving these raids because you also you have scalps to deal with you also have other plays to deal with you don't know where you're going to spawn you don't know what kind of engagements you're going to be in I would really recommend bringing some kind of Honestly, armor like an M Fu and armor would be great help to save your life against other scavengers against other PMCs.

It will help you live longer if you are very prepared and have a lot of money, you can always bring the murderer. Armor again, you grab and attack the backpack or like a triple zip or something and if you end up fighting other players you will have room to carry all their equipment with you too, you can also do that if you feel confident that you can control Hiba , you can leave him as a general, you can loot everything, you can loot all the kind of junk you want after the assassins are dead, then you go about your day while other players do whatever and then they leave bringing armor with you to raids and backpacks . allow you to maximize your earnings, okay I know you're telling me a lot of things, maximize my earnings if I had to spend money on armor, you don't earn money if you're dead, okay, that's why I don't understand it.

Why do people still do ax racing and


? It doesn't make sense to me. You bring a packer and a PM gun and you'll make ten times the amount of money you get doing kennel racing. Really, I still don't understand it. no matter what your excuses are, there is no need to make a breeding ground in this game when a PM Kiss pistol, a couple of magazines and some bullets cost you less than 10k, there is absolutely no excuse for it, there is no excuse for it with this method right here, if you are an Axerunner Knight right now, I dare you, I have Tet.

I challenge you to try this method, you will make a lot of money and the only thing I will ask of you is that if you are just an axerunner right now and you do this method, it works for you and you make a lot of money. Please start making an effort to bring gear to increase the game experience like it's supposed to be, but yeah, I just don't understand why you do ax executions with methods like this. There are many other methods where you can make tons of money with minimal input and still make a ton of money.

In essence, you were ruining the game and with this. method right now I hope to turn countless hatchlings into kedder wielding samurai, okay Keter wielding samurai, you are going to make a lot of money doing this and the only thing I will ask of you guys is that if you were good, your runner before watching this video , you do this method, you make a ton of money, make an effort to bring gear with you on raids and engage in PvP with people, that's what Tarkov, it's all a lot of fun, it's a good time once you get through it.

The fear of the starting team and you really start to experience this game for what it is so guys I really hope you enjoyed the video. I hope I covered everything I was supposed to say. I think I have a pretty simple method if you follow my advice. If you follow their spawn paths, you should be able to make a ton of money now. One thing I will tell you is that sometimes you will only get one. As it happens, this is not guaranteed to work every time. Sometimes the killer will see you before you do. you can react to him, you will die, that's how it is, he's a bit of a jerk, but I guarantee that at least like most of your raids, if you're careful and methodically check each of his spawns and know where to wait for him, it's easy to kill him every time you want to do this run, but be a little more effective, all you have to do is bring an mp9, bring better armor, bring some medicines, bring a backpack. and you will be ready to shoot the PMC mothers because you will have a thug, well, not a fully equipped weapon, but a pretty well equipped RPK with eagle rounds that would fly through any scope in the game, so my boys, without further ado preambles. that will be the end of the video, you guys enjoyed it, please like it, consider hitting the subscribe button above if you want to see more in the future.

I thought it was Bell if you want to follow the Twitch stream we just broke up. 40,000 followers today thank you all so much for that, it's really incredible and yes, if you want to watch the stream, the link will be in the description. If you have any comments, leave them below. What other content would you like to see? Make it yourselves and yes, share the video if your discords with your friends, some new players send it to you if they want to learn some really exciting new methods of making money that don't involve running around with an ax on the coast and pushing things around. her butt so guys I'll see you in the next video as always thank you so much for watching.

I'll see you on Twitter or the next one, peace, friends.

EASIEST GUIDE TO FARM KILLA + MAKE MONEY! | Escape from Tarkov | TweaK - YTread (2024)
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